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About Me


Founder & Author

Ammar is a 15 years old guy , currently living in Attock , Pakistan. He is an addicted Web Designer , Computer Enthusiast , Die Hard Gamer , Freelance Blogger , SEO Analyst And Computer
Ammar is a young and enterpenuer blogger , who loves blogging and remains keen everytime to learning something new and teach it to other people. He never says himself a professional blogger but he thinks and feels that he is a newbie and remains learing new and new stratigies regarding blogging. You can say , Blogging his life. 

He is in matric yet but has alot of knowledge about internet , blogging , computer , SEO and programming because he doesn't waste his precious hours in meaningless things and work but searches for latest techs , and news in the field of blogging ..... He started his blog in May 2013 . He is a very hard worker and what he thinks once , than he relaxes by completing it .....
Apart from the love and addiction of blogging , Ammar is also a Lover or you can say "Janooni" of "PAKISTAN ARMY" and wants to join Pakistan Army after completing his FSC Education along with his studies remained continued in the vast field of computer.  


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